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Oct 29, 2012 7:00am PDT
is likely to come ashore later today. jeff good morning. >> reporter: nora, good morning to you. conditions have gotten significantly worse here in atlantic city in just the past hour or so as we await sandy's landfall later this evening. the ocean behind us atlantic city's famed boardwalk here in front of us, already taking damage. one of the many areas that will be lashed by sandy today. from space, you can see the full size and scope of this event. from north carolina to long island as sandy moves in. >> i've been here for a long time. i'm going to tell you, the storm that's coming now, it's scaring me a little bit. >> reporter: as sandy stared closer, parts of the coast were abandoned. new jersey's beachfront casinos closed for only the fourth time ever. new york's subway system shut down for only the second time in its long history. the storm is on track to merge with two other systems before moving across the mid-atlantic sometime tonight. >> i'm not going mince words. this is the most catastrophic event that we have faced and been able it plan for in any of our
Oct 11, 2012 7:00am PDT
. jan, good morning. >> good morning, nora. romney is really gaining ground in our polls because of his debate performance last week. now the pressure is on biden to try to stop some of that momentum or at least to change the subject. appearing positive but all business, paul ryan arrived late wednesday in kentucky to crowds of well wishers. earlier in the day ryan took a break from practice sessions for ice cream and talked up the vice president's experience. >> it's a nervous situation because joe biden's one of the most experienced debaters we have in modern politics but the achilles heel he has is president obama's record. >> reporter: ryan did most of his preparation hold up in rural virginia with lawyer and former solicitor general ted olson standing in as biden. one challenge for the 42-year-old congressman is a generation gap. he's going head to head with a seasoned debate veteran 27 years his senior. but biden, with 17 national debates under his belt, is under pressure tonight to deliver, especially after the president's weak debate performance. >> 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70 millio
Oct 23, 2012 11:00pm PDT
kind of miracles, but there were the two survivors in the family, there was nora catch dorian, armenian christians which makes them a minority in baghdad, nora, the 20-year-old i met then she is now 31 or so, her mother, margaret, they now live in glendale, california, amazingly, first they stayed in baghdad for three years, four years, it got the height of the civil war they fled to syria, and they got asylum in the united states a couple of years ago. the marine who contacted me, lou, h he he lives in san diegoo it turns out after all of this, after all of this time, all of this anguish, one of the guys that put bullets into their car, isabello lives two hours away from the survivors of this terrible accident. >> what was the story when he came back from iraq? >> he is pretty damaged i think, i think they all were. you know, it was a very strange circumstance. it was an intersection, i mean this sort of thick happened a lot in iraq, but there was an intersection, 1,065,000 american troops are con verbaling on baghdad, this is april 8 of 2003, it is day before saddam hussein fell, and
Oct 27, 2012 11:00pm EDT
call by brian o'nora. >> joe: so the count, 2-2. fouled away. nothing but sliders from sergio romo. >> tim: five in a row. >> joe: now a 2-2. breaking ball again. this one a little more on the plate. peralta who has been reaching for last few pitches fouled it away. in the regular season he hit .239. 13 home runs. he is one for ten in this world series. >> tim: fast ball inside. >> joe: encouragement from buster posey. that is ripped down the line. in to the corner. it's caught for the out! gregor blanco down the line. and he got to it before this ball could bounce in foul territory. what a catch! >> tim: he is all over the place in left field. two great catches. in game two. peralta can't believe it. he finally got a fastball inside, after six breaking balls. romo is appreciative. that is an understatement. >> joe: what a defense. i know crawford made the error last inning but the defense continues to shine. to back up this tremendous pitching by the giants. with one out, here is avila. ball one. down and in. jo the interesting thing about romo, he will can that slider against lef
Sep 30, 2012 10:00pm EDT
the orioles clinched the playoffs since 1997."while baby norah dreams...(tilt to nora) through it."the orroles dream season continues.after sweeping the sox, thousands of fans stay behind.the out-of-town scoreboard stalled the celebration, but relevance is restored at oriole pprk. man: 5.10 "man, after all these yeaas of waiiing for this, this is perfecc."paul gessler, fox45 nees at ten. mooe than two million fans came to see the orioles play this year.thht's the most in fiieeyears, according to the team. police are continuing to investiggte a deaaly shooting that took place in east baltimore. this morning. a 8-year-old bllck male was shot in the head near orth belnord avenue was arruing with two other men who were seen driving a station wagon with tinted windows. anyone police. ormation should call -3 a southwest baltiiore famiiy is stepping up their demands for justice after their loved one was gunned doww a year ago. last septeeber at the corner of lombard ptreee...bruce benn-- an art student wwth no criminal reeord-- was shot in the head. grown....since no one's bben - arre
Oct 8, 2012 11:00pm EDT
.m. this afternoon in the 4000 block of nora's filled road -- norrisville road. the man pointed a shotgun at one of the troopers. after the man refused to drop his gun and in his fear for his life, the tripper fired his weapon hitting john murphy in the shoulder and arm. his injuries are not considered life-threatening. city police say the victim who was fatally shot in the head was a 16-year-old girl. she was killed last night just before 10:00 p.m. in the 6200 block. no arrests have been made in this case. state police are investigating skeletal remains found in westminster. someone noticed a human bone in the 500 block of baltimore boulevard sunday afternoon. a search revealed additional remains. investigators are not able to identify the remains but state medical examiner's confirmed the are of a male. anyone with intermission is urged to call for 10-36-3000. >> the good samaritan is dead tonight after coming to the aid of a driver in connecticut. richard herren fell to his death after jumping over the side of me highway. he was trying to approach -- avoid the approach of a tractor- trailer
Oct 18, 2012 5:30pm EDT
october the 28th. >> nora virus outbreaks may endanger older americans. it could cause increased risk of going in to the hospital and death. researchers tracked patients at more than 300 nursing homes and found the chance of dying increased by 12% during the outbreak. the flu may not be to serious for younger people but in the elderly it's a lot worse. >> the staff get ill as well. the vomiting, a fever. they get over it in a couple of days. an older person can become dehydrated very quickly and don't get over it fast. >> the study points out that facility staff is better at handling situations. >> anti virus an easy way to protect your computer but it's a target for scammers. your best intentions could cost you. >> reporter: it's one of the simplest steps to protect a computer and the information stored there. installing anti virus software and updating it regularly. with that in mind internet security experts have noticed a fast growing trend, scammers trying to snare consumers with fake anti virus warnings. >> nowadays it's worse because the cyber criminals can make a lost mone
Oct 18, 2012 11:00pm EDT
. james davon holden jordan, baby tie, anaya nora scott, middle -- kenneth stewart the third, -- no angel. all died october 11 in the arms of their grandmother, nancy try to save them from their bur home. they remember their mother is a giving woman who was willing to do anything to protect the little ones. >> when a child guidance the communities diminished. when fourguys and a world is truly a lesser place. the loss is overwhelming, but healing does come. for those who believe there's something higher, healing will come eventually through grace. >> k-d [ music ] >> all five were buried together at delaney memorial gardens. investigation of the cause of the fire is still ongoing tonight. >>> we are learning more about what the investigators found that the pharmacy that -- nationwide meningitis outbreak. it was found in an open vials of medication. the massachusetts company the center in the outbreak has taken 250 people and killed 20 including one person from our state. >>> old wounds are open today for some former boy scouts. the organization released the release the names of more tha
Oct 10, 2012 7:00am PDT
to "cbs this morning." i'm nora o'connell with anthony mason. good morning. great to have you here. >> great to be with you. >> charlie rose is on assignment. we expect to hear serious charges today as congress looks at the security situation in libya. today's hearings come in the wake of last month's attack that killed u.s. ambassador chris stevens and three other americans. >> witnesses say they'll tell a house committee that for months the state department rejected their pleas to maintain high security at the consulate in ben g lenz. >>> although nobody has been arrested yet for the attack on the american consulate, it is starting to be clear that you can piece together what happened. the u.s. compound in ben gaz zee now sits empty and abandoned. the men who attacked these buildings on september 11th used heavy weapons, there are few signs of it. but over every window there is evidence of the billowing smoke that killed two of the four americans who died that night, including ambassador chris stevens. state department sources say the attackers arrived at the gates around 9:40 in
Oct 28, 2012 6:00am PDT
healthy he can be. >> reporter: in august, nora became obie's dog after he was rescued. soon she began post iing pictur of obie and had his battle to lose the bulge. >> should be eating about 500 calories. >> reporter: within weeks his facebook page had more than 69,000 likes. last month obie was on the "today" show. >> so, nora, how long do you think it will take obie to get back to normal weight? >> it could take a year. our goal is 1% a week. >> reporter: all that attention was the problem. the rescue team says obie is being exploited for his unusual obesity for promotional gain. now the nonprofit wants the adorable, waddling whale back. >> the dog was not suppose d to be a media sensation. he was to be cared for. he needed vet treatment. he needed an exercise regime. >> reporter: she says he is losing weight. >> eat your carrots. >> reporter: 15 pounds so far. some 14,000 people have shown their support online. the stage is set for monday's custody battle over obie, a dog with plenty to love but only enough for one owner. for "today," miguel almaguer, nbc news, los angeles. >>> up
Oct 16, 2012 12:00am EDT
] >> te acuerdas que querÍa vender unas mochilas? >> sÍ. a poco vas a vender las mochilas de nora la buscadora? >> no, jefe me encargÓ las de... tengo que vender de ese cotorro cabezÓn y mal hecho. >> mira, es la original mira. [risas] >> espero que le guste lo que le preparamos. >> sÍ. >> gracias. >> necesito que llegues temprano, compadre. >> arturo siempre ha sido tu brazo derecho, verdad? >> asÍ es. por eso quiero que llegues temprano, compadre. para que me saques las copias. >> por cierto... seÑor. ya nos enteramos que lo subieron de puesto. >> sÍ, me nombraron director. general. [risas] >> yo siempre dije que lo estaban desperdiciendo en esa secretarÍa. dile lo que te estaba diciendo de Él. arturo, dÍselo. >> que es un trepador? [risas] >> ya sabeque mi arturo siempre estÁ bromeando. [risas] >> lo que le dije a arturo es que usted se merecÍa eso y mÁs! [risas] >> supongo que ahora con este gran puesto, va a necesitar alguien que estÉ a su lado, seÑor. alguien... inteligente, capaz, alguien que lo apoye. >> pues sÍ, pero... de dÓnde saco alguien asÍ? [risas] >>
Oct 12, 2012 7:30pm PDT
to write, when they knew they did like nora ephron and ellen goodman, they left because they knew they'd never be writers. so we good girls stayed and we were the fact checkers until the women's movement started happening and we realized that this not only applied to those women, it applied to us, because we were in a profession where we could not get promoted out of our class. and so we decided to sue for sex discrimination in hiring and promotion. >> and that was early. nobody had done this. >> we were the first women to sue. we sued on march 16th, 1970, when "newsweek" published a cover story on women's lib called "women in revolt" we announced that we were suing them. 46 of us. >> belva: describe, what was it like to be a woman who knew she could not get a job that was going to write anything or get her name into that publication or a by-line ever. >> well, it was considered a very glamorous job for women because most women, if you remember, were only going to be teachers, nurses or, you know, librarians. and so "newsweek" was an exciting place to work and we worked closely with wr
Oct 27, 2012 10:30pm EDT
a good call by brian o'nora. >> joe: so the count, 2-2. fouled away. nothing but sliders from sergio romo. >> tim: five in a row. >> joe: now a 2-2. breaking ball again. this one a little more on the plate. peralta who has been reaching for last few pitches fouled it away. in the regular season he hit .239. 13 home runs. he is one for ten in this world series. >> tim: fast ball inside. >> joe: encouragement from buster posey. that is ripped down the line. in to the corner. it's caught for the out! gregor blanco down the line. and he got to it before this ball could bounce in foul territory. what a catch! >> tim: he is all over the place in left field. two great catches. in game two. peralta can't believe it. he finally got a fastball inside, after six breaking balls. romo is appreciative. that is an understatement. >> joe: what a defense. i know crawford made the error last inning but the defense continues to shine. to back up this tremendous pitching by the giants. with one out, here is avila. ball one. down and in. jo the interesting thing about romo, he will can that slider against lef
Oct 12, 2012 4:30am EDT
columnist in "lucky guy." it was written by the late nora efron. she also wrote sleepless in seattle which stars tom hanks. opening night is set for april 1 1. ♪ >> reporter: and barbara streisand returns to her roots. the legendary singer performed the first of two concerts at the new barkley center in brooklyn. streisand sings there again saturday night. that's your eye on entertainment, teresa garcia, cbs news, hollywood. >>> good morning. thank you for watching 9news now at 5:00 a.m. i'm andrea roane. >> barbara streisand's voice has not lost one bit of
Oct 30, 2012 7:00am PDT
will move from storm to supplies. we took a food safety expert to nora burke's house with a food safety checklist. first, she says, always plan for at least three days. second, focus on water. you need a gallon a day, per person. do you have bottled water? >> no. >> we lose electricity fairly often in storms. but we've never lost water. to me, it isn't seem like anything important. >> reporter: i have the same situation. our tap works. >> it's possible that the water sanitation systems might also lose water for a period. >> reporter: for your family, of 6, that's 18 gallons. >> 18 gallons of water. >> reporter: you can fill pots and pans, even a bathtub. just do the math. it seems small, but just make sure you have a regular can opener. >> i have. >> reporter: load up on the canned food. at least two cans per person a day. three days. so, that would be 36 cans. >> 36 cans for your family. >> reporter: so, four cans. if you count your soup, you have 25. nora can count soup because her gas stove top will work with matches. if you have an outside gas grill, you can still cook outside. >> t
Oct 15, 2012 2:00am EDT
to be journalists or had been working on the college papers, women like nora, jane, ellen goodman, susan brown miller all came to "newsweek" as researchers, realized he would never be promoted and then left fairly quickly to have very successful careers afterwards. but we were the good girls. so we were highly educated, mostly white middle-class girls who were told in college that we were very smart and we are very competent, but the word career in the '60s was hardly ever mentioned. some women went on to navy medical school or law school but most women were expected to have a job until they get married and have children. we came to "newsweek" thinking that this is a fabulous, and it was, a very glamorous job to have in those days. we started as actually women were hired on a male desk to deliver the mail. and you graduated to clipper where you clicked newspapers and deliver them to the riders. if you are really good you got to be a researcher. that was a real exciting job because, in fact, you worked on the stories of the week that were breaking news. you worked with writers, reporters, the e
FOX News
Oct 13, 2012 12:00pm PDT
said obama doesn't want to win. and nora at media, she called it the media has stopped filling in the blank. obama campaign spinners can go up there and call romney a liar. media at least for that period before biden rallied them were saying, look, you are on your own pal. >> jon: but when an old hand like bob here is says, are you saying -- bob schieffer says isn't that kind a gift or punt this? >> you can assume he was so stunned by what he heard axelrod say. for he for a moment didn't know how he would follow up. what we're really seeing is two narratives here. one, we're going to go after them by demeaning their candidate which worked for them earlier on or so they thought. or they are stuck with the a lot of americans took a look at romney and obama. he is an interesting moderate guy. they had to the shift. >> why wasn't it, juan, if there were so many romney untruths in the first debate, why was the first big ad in the campaign all about big bird? >> i don't think it was the first, but it was the big. it was clearly a matter of priorities and appealing to the women voters
Oct 23, 2012 2:05am PDT
nora sneak a peek at the show in their break room and have their own host chats in the hall halls of the office. brian uses the hot topics from the chat as a way to break the ice and engage his patients. our "today" mug is proudly displayed on the nurse's stand. nutrition and fitness are a important part of brian's life, so he loves joy's fit club and segments about staying healthy, and he uses the advice for his patients. october is cruiseline international association's national cruise vacation month, and to continue celebrating we're sending you to the mediterranean. >> oh, my gosh! >> you'll sail on winstar cruises glitter and glam including barcelona and cannes, monte carlo, and rome. >> you are kidding me. >> how do they get on that boat? >> carnival used to own those. i don't know if they still do. that's where we made cody, so be careful. >> things are happening. >> you might come home with a parting gift. >> jessica beale, adele and today's newest buzz. >> we'll meet the newest member of joy's fit club. >> and a live performance from the legendary barry manilow. >> we are
Oct 16, 2012 6:00am PDT
. >>> and regis philbin is here in studio 67 when we hear you at 7. >> thank you and remember as nora said, cbs this morning starts at 7:00. >> i bet regis takes over the morning store. >>> wildlife officials are warning bad things can happen in the hunt for romance. a deer gotten tangled in a soccer netting over the weekend. the trauma of getting stuck though can be enough to kill the deer. >> he can have a heart attack immediately or it can be fighting so hard and so long against the netting or against us trying to get it out of whatever predicament it's in that it overtime it can die weeks later from that trauma. >> animal rescue organizations are asking residents who live in rural areas to take out anything with netting or ropes such as a hammock and swings to help out the deers. >> a sea lion that was rescued last week is said to be improving. it's named blond bomber by the marine center is rescued by a team from the center after being entangled in plastic wrap. if all goes well, she could be released into the wild early this week. they rescue about 600 marine mammals every year and 18 are
FOX News
Oct 2, 2012 5:00pm PDT
observation, nora. i think both the president and the governor are basically sincere men who are hiding their flaws. mr. obama will not tell voters that he essentially disagrees with the free marketplace competitive economy this has made the usa prosperous, especially since 1900. governor romney doesn't want to explain why he has changed core beliefs on obartion, health care, things like that. in the end, i am with you, i want honest politicians who explain themselves in a direct way. the guy who does that best tomorrow night will win the debate. and the tip of the day, over the years, we have had problems with the aarp, even though i am a member. on some issues, the group has been partisan left. so when they asked me to talk about "killing kennedy," i had to think about it. would they do an honest job? i decided to talk to them and they did do an honest job. check out and type my name. it's an interesting discussion. i think you will like it. thru go. sometimes things work like that. sometimes, they do not. i am debating whether to tell you about one very big-name person who s
Oct 24, 2012 11:00pm PDT
-- there's been a period in new york of losing these great public intellectuals like christopher, nora ephron and bob hughes and you realize they don't make them like that now. >> yeah. >> there's new bloggers minted everyday and the odds of becoming a christopher are slim. >> rose: but is that -- why is that? is it because the -- >> i don'tnow. >> rose: the opportunity to develop is different? we're still producing a lot of smart, interesting people. >> christopher had a career that was hatched over a 40-year period and he had one of the most remarkable careers because it sort of ended just as high as it possibly could go. it built in the last ten years rather than flat lined and it -- he got better at it. he started off good and got better. >> that's what's so amazing. it gets better and better and better. he wanted to write about proust. he wanted to turn his aention away from nitty-gritty everyday politics. >> rose: to write bigger things? >> and well proust was the subject he wanted to write about. >> rose: why proust? >> maybe it's something to do with the looking back? i don't k
Oct 1, 2012 12:00pm PDT
president of the united states bill clinton in conversation with me and my colleague at cbs nora o'donnell. >> rose: do you think this election the president has said that change has to come from outside rather than in washington, that this election has the possibility of producing a change that will be able to overcome gridlock. >> i don't think it to the only has the possibility, i think it almost certainly will. and let me explain why. i think the president's going to win but let's assume governor romney won. if he wins, that almost certainly means the republicans will hold on to the house and it will be about 50/50 in the senate, more or less the way it is now. you can't filibuster a budget. it's the only thing that doesn't require 60 votes in the senate to pass o as opposed to 51. so a lot of the policymaking will be pushed into the budget and he'll just have to pick up one or two people on that. if you assume that he is going to do what he said he's going to do, i think a lot of his priorities will be enacted. and i think it will be bad on the budget side, as i said. includin
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 78 (some duplicates have been removed)